Winter break


A session of making at Sweet Arts, where people reflected on their experience of VWM so far, was rounded off with our Christmas party. We said goodbye to Veronica, who is leaving the Sainsbury Centre for new adventures in Kings Lynn, and welcomed Mel who will be joining us from Sweet Arts while Toni is off.

Ideas flowed about workshops and visits coming up. Workshop favourites look like glass, willow, metal, creative writing and photography… somehow we’ve got to choose!

When we meet again on 6th January at the Sainsbury Centre we will look at the Magnificent Obsessions show. And the session at the Sainsbury Centre after that, the Alphonse Mucha exhibition. Coming up are exhibitions about Giacommetti (April 2016) and Fiji (October 2016). Longer term there is going to be a John Davies show, the first for many years.

Tate Modern is the favourite for a trip. Yorkshire Sculpture Park got the thumbs up from some, and the Fitzwilliam was another mention. But YSP is too far for a day trip and Kettle’s Yard is closed for refurb so that makes Cambridge less appealing.

Tate Modern extension is opening on 17th June, so maybe after that might be extra interesting. Check the Time Out clip. There are some great shows at Tate Britain too; here’s Jo Spence for instance.

We might have a training trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park  for people who are interested in learning more about arts and health practice.

Our main event after the break will be our exhibition at St Margarets on St Benedicts St from 13th – 20th March. Are you inspired by the idea of artists as collectors? What do you collect? Why? How do you display your collections? Can you share what you’ve got with others? Or perhaps you hate collecting and prefer disposing of stuff?

Lots to think about and do in 2016. Very best wishes to everyone in Voyage With Me, and Im looking forward to seeing you at the Sainsbury Centre on 6th January.





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