Session Sainsbury Centre 7th October 2016

A simple session of observing, recording and researching the objects that people have chosen to focus on, with a bit of form filling, reflection on the Eaton Park afternoon and tea and coffee thrown in.

In the studio

Nice walking through the Magnificent Obsessions exhibition, though we only see glimpses (due to visit in January) as we move between the Studio and the Living Area. We get Pae White’s collection of Vera Neumann textiles, and Martin Parr’s sarky postcards.



Up close and personal with John Davies’ Bucket Man. A grounded feeling, everything else is too spiritual, this is a person. He’s resigned. There is going to be a SCVA John Davies show, curated by Amanda Geitner

Berthe Morisot (UEA 3)
Berthe Morisot (UEA 3)

One of the few pieces by a female artist. How old is she? Was she rich or not? Was she a courtesan, like Gigi (Leslie Caron), trained to make money from men? Bought in 1945, an early purchase by the Sainsburys.


Lynn Chadwick’s Three Hollow Men, UEA 104, and here a photo of a similar maquette from the Tate, 1952. Or a sail in a stormy sea. Perilous, dangerous.


The Matisse backs. Gone. Lost. Leaving a gap, making the Sainsbury Centre an even lonelier place. But what is missing softens the space; McWilliam sculpture, UEA 41269 – and another McWilliam, earlier and unlabelled, of a couple, also backless, him entwining her.


Claudia Casanovas Form 2001. Ceramic non-vessel. The earth, layers, chalk and flint cliffs. Nature, small coloured flecks.


UEA 598. Male/female, complexity,uncertainty. Half remains good, half remains evil.

Our next session is on Wednesday 21st October, at Sweet Arts. More reflection, transformation of interesting things….

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