Eaton Park Community Centre, 23rd September 2015

Take the Sainsbury Centre object chosen as representing your summer. Or another object you know. Use laminated photos of the original object as a reminder. Create a diagram of associations. Transform the object using a restricted group of materials.

IMG_0749 IMG_0747 IMG_0746 IMG_0745 IMG_0755 IMG_0753 IMG_0750 IMG_0748 IMG_0749IMG_0751 IMG_0753 IMG_0754 P1060260wwwopac-4

Sea Otter. Transformation from a hell of a holiday, a shamanic view of extreme mental distress as a spiritual emergency.


Golden Queen with vessel. Life is a balancing act about doing the best for everyone, including oneself.


Picasso drawing. Translating 2d into 3d. Duality and partnership.


The lesson. A person blown apart but contained within an effective barrier


Dancing woman. Transformation of scale,of solid, crumpled to flat to folded to crumpled. Origami with words, “Dancing barefoot in mid air.

P1060253 P1060233wwwopac-3

Crouching figure. Circles, tension in the spiral, extension, stretching, how it felt in the body.


Matisse back. Rigidity and grief transformed into circles of wire and crumpled paper, freedom, nature, daisy chain for innocence.

Back II c.1913-4, cast 1955-6 Henri Matisse 1869-1954 Purchased with assistance from the Matisse Appeal Fund 1956


Sleeping baby head, Sea Otter, Estu the Divine Collector, SCVA library. Protection, pregnancy, restriction and freedom.


Ax. A lot about the beautiful object is unknown, so it can be transformed into a net, another kind of tool, incomplete and connected to its environmentP1060239wwwopac-8

Sword hilt. Something you can take with you, sensitive shapes in hard material, and here hard metal wire is shaped into something personal.


Hollow man. Shape of a sail, to rigging, to a buoy, 3d to 2d, colour. The stomach churning vulnerability of being at sea, feeling sick, climbing the rigging.

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