Trip to Tate Modern in May 2016


Tate Modern’s summer programme has just been announced, so I am flagging it up right away as it has some tempting prospects.

Tate Modern

The highlight of the summer at Tate Modern will be an exhibition of American painter Georgia O’Keeffe, the first large-scale show in the UK for more than 20 years. Known for her paintings of flowers and the landscape of New Mexico, this exhibition will reassess O’Keeffe’s place in the canon of twentieth-century art.

Robert Rauschenberg blazed a new trail for art in the second half of the 20th century, moving between painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, installation and performance.

Tate Modern will look at artists from a wider international context, including Mona Hatoum, Bhuphen Khakar, and Wifredo Lam. Performing for the Camera will examine the ways in which photography has both documented and developed our understanding of performance art.

We can arrange a community workshop as part of the day’s visit, and here is the programme for those.

Art into life workshops

What do you think?

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