Session 6, Home and away at Sweet Arts, June 3rd

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I couldn’t be at the session, and it was the smallest we’ve had so far. I hear it was good though!

There was more information about Rhoda Gray, we know where she lived, and her nephew came forward as a result of the EDPs publicity around her story. Rhoda Gray’s charm bracelet was reflected in a tablet of clay embedded with trinkets, and the photograph of Rhoda and her mother walking side by side reappeared and disappeared.

Sons were a cause of much concern, several people were ill and one woman used her artwork to transform illness and pain into joy. One person returned to the group after feeling unable to come and drew on a fish and shells found on a beach walk, and another brought a souvenir from home, a desert rose, as a source of inspiration.  Silhouettes of clippers were a way to make 2D into 3, and knots were tied in a neat row.

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