Easter best wishes to all Voyagers!

Best wishes to everyone in Voyage With Me over the Easter break. We meet again on Wednesday 22nd April at the Sainsbury Centre when we will choose objects that evoke our experience of the break.

Meanwhile, enjoy Fat Baby on Film, introduced by Veronica. He may not be the most beautiful creature at the Sainsbury Centre, but he certainly works the crowd.

It’s worth visiting the Sainsbury Centre highlights page to see the films staff have made about pieces on display, many of which you will recognise.

Shall we make some films of our own?

Look forward to seeing you all again on 22nd April.



Seated figure with splayed legs
1200-900 BCE
Mexico, Puebla (?): Olmec
Terracota, cream slip, red pigment
Acquired 1978
UEA 697

Among the more enigmatic works found in both the Gulf Coast and Central Mexico are large hollow figures, often referred to as ‘babies’ because of their facial features and chubby bodies. There is no clear identification of the sex, but at one time these figures may have worn costumes or ornaments of perishable materials which may have suggested gender. The original contexts of figures of this type are unknown.


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