Who’s Who

Laura Drysdale coordinates VWM (Voyage With Me). She keeps in touch with everything that is going on and is at every session.

Toni Lawton is the Sweet Arts Project Manager. She comes to most sessions. Sweet Arts is the lead partner in Voyage With Me so Toni accounts for the project’s budget and reports to our funders The People’s Health Trust. Sweet Arts holds referral and risk information for participants and volunteers.

Veronica Sekules leads most Sainsbury Centre sessions and comes to Sweet Arts sessions when she can. She is Deputy Director of The Sainsbury Centre, which is the main organization we work with at UEA.

Nell Croose Myhill also leads Sainsbury Centre sessions and also comes to Sweet Arts sessions when she can. She is Education Officer at the Sainsbury Centre.

Jo Conway is our Volunteer Coordinator, so she keeps in touch with all our volunteers. Jo is an artist who volunteered on our last partnership project Living With Me.




Laura Drysdale         07740 844883, laura@restorationtrust.org.uk

 Sweet Arts

Toni Lawton              07986 105691, sweetofnorwich@gmail.com

 Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

Veronica Sekules, Nell Croose Myhill       01603 593199


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