VWM art adventure begins tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be the first session of our art adventure for women in Norwich, and we are really looking forward to kicking off with a morning of meeting each other and beginning to experience the wonderful things that the Sainsbury Centre has to offer, from its great staff to its fantastic collections. We have had a useful lead-in time since October 2014, setting up partnerships and exploring the roles of our new volunteers, many of whom were participants in Living With Me. Together we have developed the programme, talked to the press, created a leaflet and thought about research. Participants have joined us from drop-ins at Eaton Park Community Centre and the Norman Centre, or they’ve responded to a leaflet through their door. Other people have heard about the project from a friend or at Sweet Arts, or because they read about it in the EDP. At the moment we have 14 participants, 9 volunteers and 5 staff, so that’s 28 people. Some people can’t make it to the first session so we hope to see them at Session 2, which is at Sweet Arts on Wednesday 25th March.

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