Thinking of joining Voyage With Me? Have a look at Living With Me….

It’s great to hear from women who are interested in signing up for Voyage With Me.

If you’ve read about us in the EDP, seen a leaflet or heard about the project somehow or other and would like to have more idea about what it might be like, have a look at the Living With Me website.

I’ve just posted pictures of one of the things we sometimes do. We call it Whooshing. You take a few restricted materials, pick a situation out of a hat – like going outside, or using only one hand – and make something. Then we photograph the results. They can look amazing, people surprise themselves. And if it doesn’t work out, no matter!


I’m Laura Drysdale, Voyage With Me Coordinator, and that’s me wrapping wool round a large log outside the Sainsbury Centre! Call or text me on 07740 844883 or email if you would like to have a chat about joining Voyage With Me.

Or come along to our drop-ins and meet the team. Wednesday 11th February, Norman Centre 9.30 – 11am, Eaton Park Community Centre 1 – 2.30pm.

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