Thinking of joining Voyage With Me? Here’s what participants’ thought about our last project…..

Voyage With Me is all set to be another fantastic creative adventure for women in Norwich, with opportunities to get to know the Sainsbury Centre, to make art at Sweet Arts in Colegate and a lot of other things besides…

If you would like to know more, and especially if you live in NR3 2 or NR4 7:

  • come along to the drop ins on Wednesday 11th February (9.30 – 11.00 am Norman Centre, 1 – 2.30 pm Eaton Park Community Centre) for a chat and to meet the team
  • ring Laura on 07740 844883 or Toni on 07986 105691
  • email Laura at

Here are some of the things participants’ said about Living With Me, a similar project which ended in October 2014. The Living With Me website has the full evaluation report.

I made two or three very good friends, my friends, who I really like. We are interested in each other and did things for each other. The friendships were made in LWM but we are moving on from that.

I was encouraged to make quite a lot of work. I surprised myself making the book. I visited the Japanese library (at the Sainsbury Institute for Japanese Arts and Culture). The librarian was a lovely man who showed me how to write Shinto in Japanese. Shinto is the essence of tranquility.

I really like going to exhibitions – the environment, the way it feels. LWM has helped me get back into that environment.

I loved the looking. I haven’t done that for myself or the children, my parents didn’t do that with me. Its so nice to make the link- you don’t have to be special, normal people do it, it’s just if you have the inclination.

The group, in amongst them are volunteers, experts…interactions are not all about the problem. The focus is on learning something new, doing something.

It gave me something to get out for and work towards. We all got a lot out of it.

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