A New Creative Adventure for Women in Norwich

VOYAGE WITH ME is a new adventure into the world of art for a group of women in Norwich. Thanks to funding from the People’s Health Trust, women from two different parts of the city, Eaton Park and Mile Cross, are joining staff and volunteers to investigate world art collections at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts and make art in response at Sweet Arts, a creative arts organisation for women in Norwich. Voyage With Me is a partnership between Sweet Arts and the Sainsbury Institute for Art. Funded by the People’s Health Trust, it builds on Living With Me, a similar project which has just ended after a brilliant 18 months. Every fortnight the group meets up for a full morning of looking at great works of art at the Sainsbury Centre or a creative workshop at Sweet Arts. The full programme of activities includes community workshops at the Norman Centre and Eaton Park Community Centre, a 10 day creative event at Stew Gallery and trips to galleries. But there will be more about all that coming up soon! We are delighted that participants from Living With Me are coming along for the Voyage With Me ride as volunteers and mentors to a new group of women from Norwich. For more information contact Laura Drysdale, Voyage With Me coordinator, by emailing laura@restorationtrust.org.uk or Toni Lawton, Sweet Arts project coordinator at sweetofnorwich@gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “A New Creative Adventure for Women in Norwich”

    1. Hi Claire
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      We like to meet everyone who is interested and eligible before Voyage With Me begins on March 11th so that we can talk it through and answer any questions you might have. We complete a referral and registration form which covers:
      – personal details such as address, emergency contact, work/benefits, interests, issues, risks;
      – photo permissions
      – Code of Conduct.
      If you can get to the Drop-Ins tomorrow we can take the referral there, or we can arrange to meet at Sweet Arts or the Sainsbury Centre.
      The Drop-Ins are 9.30 – 11am Norman Centre and 1 – 2.30 Eaton Park Community Centre.
      Do give me a call if you would like to know more. I hope we can meet, either tomorrow or at a time that suits you soon.

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